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School Business Manager Secret Garden Planner 2024 -2025

School Business Manager Secret Garden Planner 2024 -2025

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Created for your role:

As a school business manager, you are the backbone of the school's operations, juggling budgets, procurement, HR, and more. This planner is your essential tool for staying on top of your complex responsibilities. With dedicated sections for finance meetings, staffing updates, policy tracking, and items to purchase, it helps you manage deadlines and maintain a smooth-running school.

Enhance your productivity with a planner created by school leaders:

Introducing the contemporary version of the famous HeadteacherChat A4 Hardback Academic Year Planner.

Designed by school leaders with simplicity and wellbeing in mind, this planner features all the tools you need to have a positive impact on your wellbeing and productivity.

Stay on top of your tasks with the academic year calendar (August to July), week-to-view diary pages, complete with appointment times, a to-do list with checkboxes, and a notes section. 

Inspired by the tranquility of a ‘Secret Garden’

The enchanting illustrations draw you in with delicate wildflowers, blackberries, rabbits and rosehips. Inspired by the timeless beauty of English country gardens, this piece brings a touch of magic to any space.

Charlotte is a graphic design student and illustrator, and specialises in creating illustrations that can be cherished. 

You can read all about Charlotte at the back of the planner.

Includes 5 tabbed sections:

  • Calendar
  • Diary
  • Meeting Notes (and Briefing Notes)
  • Important Information (specific to your role)
  • Notes and Contacts (includes plenty squared and lined paper for those who need it)

New for this year:

Back by popular demand is our month-to-view calendar page with plenty of space to write your key events for the year, and to help you plan your important deadlines. 

We’ve also enhanced the week-to-view diary page by adding wellbeing goals, reasons to celebrate and meeting reminders. The page is laid out better too, with the days going across the two pages rather than on just one page as before.

The meeting notes section now includes briefing notes for those short meetings that don’t need a lot of space, but often contain important information that you need to remember. 

The only planner designed by school leaders, and specific to your role

  • *Finance Meetings -  a handy place to put your notes*
  • *Single Central Record - a handy place to put your notes.*
  • *Staffing Updates - A handy place to write down who is where, and what their key roles are as well as space to jot down any other information you need.
  • *Health and Safety - a handy place to put your notes.*
  • *Policy Updates - a handy place to put your notes.*
  • *Statutory Policy Checklist - in line with the DFE’s statutory policies document*
  • *Items to purchase - a space for you to record those important items you don’t want to forget to order.
  • *Performance Management section to enable to you demonstrate your achievements, and space to celebrate your successes.*
  • *CPD log, podcasts to listen to and reading lists*
  • *Notes for governors - provides a handy place to store your notes for your next Governors meeting, and for you to look back over the ones you have sent in the past without opening lots of files.*
  • *Budget Notes -  a handy place to put your notes.*

Made using high quality materials

Crafted with the highest quality materials, this A4 hardback planner is coil-bound with a ribbon page holder and five tab pages. All of our planners have been created by experienced school leaders, designed in Norfolk, and printed on FSC approved paper.

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