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Headteachers’ Standards (2020) Checklist.

Headteachers’ Standards (2020) Checklist.

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This easy-to-use checklist is your perfect companion for navigating the Headteachers’ Standards of 2020.

Designed for UK headteachers, it’s a practical tool to keep you on track for your performance assessments.

What’s included?
- Clear Sections: From ethics to teaching, curriculum, and wellbeing – all the key areas are covered in a simple, organised format.
- Next Steps & Evidence: Handy sections to note down your achievements and plan your next moves.
- Focus on Wellbeing: Unique sections to remind you to take care of yourself while you take care of your school.

- Stay Organised: Makes your performance review preparation easy.  
- Be Reflective: A great tool to see where you shine and what to work on next.
- Stay Updated: Aligned with the latest 2020 standards for peace of mind.

Perfect For:
- Busy headteachers looking for a structured yet straightforward way to self-evaluate.
- Schools wanting to support their leaders with effective tools.

*Remember: Whilst we’ve made this checklist with care, it's always best to pair it with the latest official guidance to stay up-to-date!

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