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Digital and Technology Standards Checklist: Leadership and Governance

Digital and Technology Standards Checklist: Leadership and Governance

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Digital Leadership and Governance Standards Checklist
A comprehensive checklist designed to guide you through the process of meeting the digital and technology standards, as outlined by the Department for Education (DFE) in January 2024. 

Covering key areas such as:
- Assigning digital technology responsibilities within the SLT.
- Keeping hardware systems and digital registers up to date.
- Including digital technology in disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
- Developing and reviewing a digital technology strategy annually.

The checklist is structured to be completed by a member of the senior leadership team, with sections requiring specific assignments, actions, and deadlines. It involves detailed planning, execution, and review stages, encompassing areas like assigning responsibility, managing digital assets, disaster recovery planning, and formulating a digital strategy.

Tailored for headteachers, principals, senior leadership teams (SLTs), and technical staff within schools and colleges. It aims to support those responsible for implementing and overseeing digital and technology strategies in educational settings.


This is an editable word document template for you to download and use. 
- Number of Pages: 11
- Approximate Time Saved: Approximately 22 hours.

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