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Filtering and Monitoring Standards Checklist

Filtering and Monitoring Standards Checklist

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A comprehensive checklist designed to guide you through the process of meeting the DFE's Digital and Technology Standards,(Jan24), and in particular the filtering and monitoring standards.

What are the Filtering and Monitoring Standards in Schools and Colleges?
The standards focus on various aspects such as cyber security, filtering and monitoring, cloud solutions, and digital accessibility.
These standards are important for ensuring that schools and colleges provide a safe and efficient learning environment.
The standards explain the requirements for managing user accounts, password policies, multi-factor authentication, anti-malware software, and the licensing and patching of software and devices. It emphasises the need to regularly review and update your technology and digital practices to safeguard against cyber threats and enhance educational outcomes. 

Why is this checklist helpful?
We've created a document that takes all the important information that you need into an easy to access format, with key questions such as 'What is our current position? What are we aiming for? and Have we achieved this?
By using this document, you are not only checking that you are meeting the digital and technology standards for filtering and monitoring online content, but you are also recording your progress for doing so. 

Why do we need to complete it?
Because it helps to ensure the safeguarding of pupils and staff from harmful and inappropriate material online.

What does the checklist contain?
All of the information in the standards that you need to be aware of, and a useful evaluation section to record your journey towards meeting them. 


Aligned with the Department for Education's standards.

- This is an editable word document template for you to download and use. 

- Number of Pages: 13

- Approximate Time Saved: Approximately 26 hours.

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