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Parents' Evening Checklist

Parents' Evening Checklist

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The Parents' Evening Checklist is a comprehensive guide designed to streamline the preparation and execution of a successful Parents' Evening events. 

With a planned timeline, starting from 3 weeks before the event, detailing tasks for the preparation phase, data and resources preparation, final week arrangements, the day of the event, and follow-up actions.

This checklist is important for ensuring effective communication between teachers and parents, facilitating discussions on students' progress, and fostering a collaborative environment for student development.

Save yourself some planning time and make organising Parents' Evenings easier and smoother, ensuring all aspects are covered for a smooth and productive event.

Includes planning for:

- Pre-event preparation 
- Resources organisation
- Scheduling and invitations
- Venue setup
- Data and resource preparation
- Event coordination
- Post-event follow-up

Format: Editable word document
No of pages: 3
Approximate time saved: 6 hours. 

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